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Woman and Child Protection Division
This Division under the supervision of the DCoP, Crime and Operations Branch shall handle issues/matters relating to protection of women and children and shall comprise of the following units:
(a) Administration and Accounts Unit;
(b) Child Protection Unit; and
(c) Family and Domestic Violence Unit.

The roles and responsibilities of this division shall be to:
(a) Ensure that acts relating to protection of women and children are implemented by the field units;
(b) Assist in investigation and prevention of cases related to women and children and domestic violence;
(c) Facilitate protection to victims of domestic violence and abused/ neglected/abandoned women and children;
(d) Liaise with other agencies concerning women and children;
(e) Conduct women and child protection awareness program;
(f) Collect data and maintain records on women and child in conflict with law;
(g) Prescribe specific roles and responsibilities to the units under it from time to time; and
(h) Carry out any other roles assigned from time to time.

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