Royal Bhutan Police.
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Administration and Accounts Unit

This unit shall consist of the following cells:
(a) Construction Billing Cell;
(b) Pay, Welfare and Loan Cell; and
(c) General Billing Cell.

The roles and responsibilities of this unit shall be to:
(a) Maintain books of accounts as per financial manual;
(b) Scrutinize the bills before making payments;
(c) Request release of capital budget from the Department of Public Accounts;
(d) Release quarterly recurrent budgets to the divisions;
(e) Attend tender committee meetings;
(f) Monitor and review the overall expenditure of the organization;
(g) Update the DCoP, Administration and Finance Branch on budgetary position of the organization;
(h) Make suggestions and recommendations relating to financial matters;
(i) Prepare monthly accounts for submission to the Department of National Budget;
(j) Supervise and guide the accounts personnel; and
(k) Carry out any other roles assigned from time to time.
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