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Headquarter Camp Unit

All police persons of the HQs shall come under the command and control of OC, Headquarter Camp Unit.
The roles and responsibilities of the HQs Camp Unit shall be to:
(a) Maintain command and control the police persons stationed in the Royal Bhutan Police HQs and other divisions residing inside the camp;
(b) Ensure that all orders and instructions passed are implemented;
(c) Look after the welfare and solve internal problems of the police persons;
(d) Check, control and regulate entry and stay of visitors inside the camp;
(e) Mobilize police persons during times of emergency;
(f) Maintain internal security of the Royal Bhutan Police HQ camp and the quarter guard;
(g) Conduct physical trainings and games for officers and other ranks;
(h) Ensure general cleanliness of the HQs camp;
(i) Take into custody of police persons forwarded for disciplinary action;
(j) Provide necessary assistance to the sick police persons referred from other divisions;
(k) Provide assistance to the next of kin of the deceased police person till the end of the funeral rites;
(l) Process all forms of leave for the police persons of Royal Bhutan Police HQs units for approval by the concerned heads;
(m) Allocate quarters for the police persons in the HQs camp;
(n) Take daily strength and deployment report of the police persons under his control and submit to DCoP, Administration and Finance Branch; and
(o) Carry out any other roles assigned from time to time.

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