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Human Resource Division

The Human Resource Division under the supervision of the DCoP, Administration and Finance Branch shall work towards the overall modernization and development of human resource capacity. It shall comprise of the following units:
(a) Administration and Accounts Unit;
(b) Human Resource Development Unit;
(c) Human Resource Management Unit; and
(d) Human Resource Information System Unit.

The roles and responsibilities of this division shall be to:
(a) Conduct job analysis, job description and job specification;
(b) Develop strategies for strengthening human resource capacities;
(c) Identify and develop human resource work plans and target for the organization;
(d) Receive disciplinary cases of the police persons and process for inquiry;
(e) Process welfare and retirement benefits, death and natural calamity compensation;
(f) Work out and process for service and commemorative medals;
(g) Maintain Personal Information System;
(h) Allot personal numbers to personnel as per order of merit based on their performance during the training;
(i) Work out the annual transfer of personnel;
(j) Process resignation of the personnel;
(k) Work out allowances and yearly increments as per entitlement and intimate to the Finance Unit;
(l) Maintain AIAR of all police persons;
(m) Coordinate selection and recruitment of police persons;
(n) Analyze training relevance, work out and issue training policies, modules, programs of the police training institute in consultation with the training institute;
(o) Prepare and monitor human resource plans;
(p) Prepare training budget;
(q) Provide its units with guidelines, system and support with regard to implementation of programs initiated by Planning and Research Division, human resource plan activities, formulation of performance targets and evaluation;
(r) Explore capacity building opportunities and arrange training for police persons;
(s) Facilitate continuous education and higher studies for the police persons;
(t) Issue orders relating to transfer, promotion, appointment, punishment, retirement, resignation, etc.;
(u) Submit timely report on promotion cases to the Police Service Board duly processed through the committee appointed by the PSB.
(v) Prescribe specific roles and responsibilities to the units under it from time to time; and
(w) Carry out any other roles assigned from time to time.
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