Royal Bhutan Police.
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Budget Unit

The roles and responsibilities of this unit shall be to:
(a) Compile and submit annual budget proposals of the Royal Bhutan Police in consultation with the respective divisions to Department of National Budget;
(b) Conduct annual mid-term budget review in consultation and coordination with the divisions;
(c) Advise management on the budgetary policies;
(d) Disseminate budgetary information to the divisions/units in the organization;
(e) The SP of the divisions will be the drawing and disbursing officers;
(f) The release of budget and the financial authority shall be as under:
   (i) Budget for current expenditure shall be released in advance by the DCoP, Administration and Finance Branch to the respective field divisions, Special Police Divisions quarterly and the concerned SP shall be the sanctioning authority within the powers so delegated;
   (ii) Budget so released shall be held in the current account of the division; and
   (iii) The concerned SP shall ensure that the expenditure is strictly in accordance with the Financial Rules and Regulation of RGoB and they shall be accountable to audit.
(g) Carry out any other roles assigned from time to time;

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