Why you must prevent fire?
Your home is your most valuable property. You would do every thing to make it comfortable. But have you bothered to make it safe too? Every year many homes and properties are destroyed by fire. It is tragic that some people are even killed. Such disasters can be prevented by taking some simple precautions. Here are some basics of fire prevention and safety practices. If you haven't taken any safety precaution; now is the right time.

Most fires are preventable if simple precautions are taken.

1. Do's and Don'ts
  • Ensure electrical safety and don't overload
  • Don't leave electrical and cooking appliances unattended
  • Doubly check that lights and heating applicants are put off while leaving home/office and retiring to the bed.
  • Look out for the children playing with fire
  • Good house keeping is good fire prevention
  • 2. Be advised that you do not become the fire victim this winter
    3. The property owners to take precautions within their premises
    4. The respective agencies to ensure the fire prevention within their establishment
    5. Your Fire Drill (In the event of fire)
  • Alert all the occupants and evacuate the building quickly
  • Call Fire Brigade at #110
  • Try to extinguish fire only if you can
  • Account that your family members are safe
  • People trapped inside or missing should be immediately reported
    Fire Service Division, RBP, Thimphu also extends Rescue Service to the public of Thimphu. The Rescue Team of Thimphu Fire Station with one Rescue Truck responds to all distress (SOS) call from the public.
    Some tips on Fire outbreaks
    For what should you call for Rescue Service?
    1. For trapped person at home / workplaces / building collapsed/ factory accident/ landslide / fire / person found being carried away by river, etc.
    2. Trapped persons at road traffic accidents and motor vehicle fires.
    3. The children, people, and animals found trapped under various situations where grave injury or death would be caused to the victim.

    What actions to be expected?
    1. The Rescue teams of regular fire service personnel from Fire Station will respond immediately to the emergency scene.
    2. Will extricate the trapped people to safety; stabilize the condition; minimize the risk to save them from the hostile environment. Provide first aid to the victim.
    3. Arrange for the quick evacuation to hospital. Inform the hospital for the ambulance service.
    Where and how to make the call?
    1. Call at Fire Station hot line dial 110 from fixed line or from any mobile services.
    2. Give the brief nature of the incident, risk, location, and your name.
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