Royal Bhutan Police.
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Legal and Prosecution Division

This Division under the supervision of the DCoP, Crime and Operations Branch shall be responsible for providing legal services and shall comprise of the following units:
(a) Administration and Accounts Unit;
(b) Legal Unit; and
(c) Monitoring and Support Unit.

The roles and responsibilities of this division shall be to:
(a) Prosecute criminal cases as per the law;
(b) Represent the organization in the courts of law and tribunals whenever required and render advice to police prosecutors on cases;
(c) Serve as defense lawyers in legal proceedings for the alleged lapses of the police persons in the course of their official duty;
(d) Liaise and coordinate with the Office of Attorney General for any criminal case;
(e) Educate and create legal awareness to the police persons;
(f) Provide legal services and opinions on matters of law including legal advice to all officers;
(g) Ensure uniform interpretation and application of the laws;
(h) Prescribe specific roles and responsibilities to the units under it from time to time; and
(i) Carry out any other roles assigned from time to time.
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