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The Police Training Institute at Jigmelling shall impart high standard of training to police persons as per the guidelines and directives issued by Human Resource Division. The training institute shall be developed into National Integrated Training Academy which shall have capacity to impart training to other agencies.

The training institute shall have the following officers with the adequate police persons under them:
(a) Director;
(b) Joint Director;
(c) Deputy Director (Basic Course);
(d) Deputy Director (Cadre and Refresher Course);
(e) Deputy Director (Administration);
(f) Assistant Directors as per the requirement; and
(g) Faculty members as per the requirement.

The roles and responsibilities of the training institutes shall be to:
(a) Conduct basic training of the officer probationers and recruits and mould them into professional police person;
(b) Conduct the training to inculcate the highest values of integrity, professional knowledge, moral courage, physical fitness, mental and psychological robustness;
(c) Conduct promotion/refresher cadre courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, driving and mechanical courses;
(d) Arrange study tours, attachments, adventure and recreational activities for the trainees;
(e) Work out requirement for training aids, instructors, books, journals and equipment;
(f) Maintain a band unit which shall:
  (i) Perform band display during ceremonies as per the orders;
  (ii) Train the band troupe and maintain band equipment;
  (iii) Submit requisition of equipment, dress and other accessories; and
   (iv) Carry out any other roles assigned from time to time; and
(g) Carry out any other courses assigned from time to time.
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