Royal Bhutan Police.
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Motor Transport Unit

This unit shall comprise of the following cells:
(a) Administration and Accounts Cell;
(b) Stores Cell;
(c) Repair and Maintenance Cell; and
(d) Servicing Cell.

The roles and responsibilities of this unit shall be to:
(a) Repair and maintain headquarter vehicles and vehicles of other divisions on need basis;
(b) Compile transportation needs of the organization;
(c) Surrender unserviceable vehicles to the Department of National Properties;
(d) Ensure that no vehicles are misused and kilometer readings are not tampered;
(e) Detail vehicles for transfer, official tours and other bona-fide duties;
(f) Work out the requirement of fuel and lubricant expenses separately for transfer of troops in consultation with the Human Resource Division; and
(g) Carry out any other roles assigned from time to time.
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