Royal Bhutan Police.
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Public Notification

This is to inform the general public that with the inauguration of the Damchu Chukha Highway on 18 July 2018, the Royal Bhutan Police check post earlier located at Tanalum at Chapcha has been moved near Thegchhen Zam, Chukha and will now operate from the new location.
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Posted on:19 July,2018
Disaster Communication Helpline

Disaster Communication Helpline is a centralized toll free helpline system which provides one stop helpline services that attends, responds and resolves multifaceted disaster related distress through the toll free helpline number 999.
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Posted on:12 July,2018
37th Batch of Officer Cadets Promotion

37th Batch of Officer Cadets commissioned into the Royal Bhutan Police.

On 09 July 2018, six officer cadets (comprising four male and two female) who successfully completed 18 months Basic Police Training Course at the Royal Bhutan Police Training Centre at Jigmeling.

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Posted on:11 July,2018

Upon the Royal Command of His Majesty the King, Drimgom Namgay Wangdi, DNY is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. He received his promotion dhar from the Chief of Police this morning at the RBP HQs.
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Posted on:16 June,2018
Recovered Items

Thimphu Police recovered an IPhone, Canon Camera lens and a Canon battery charger from a suspicious person. The rightful owner may contact Thimphu Police to claim the recovered items.
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Posted on:05 June,2018
RBP commends the honesty and integrity of Mr. Kabo

On 24th May 2018, Mr. Kabo, a 32 year old driver/owner of a truck from Bongo, Chukha handed over a black wallet containing cash and ATM cards to RBP at Tanalum Check Post.
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Posted on:28 May,2018
Officers Promotion

On receiving the Royal Assent of His Majesty the King, five officers of the Royal Bhutan Police were promoted to the rank of Lieut. Colonel.
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Posted on:23 May,2018
Message from Chief of Police

Rape and sexual assaults are heinous crimes that deprive the very soul of the victims and scar them for life. Such crimes leave deep impact on the families of the victims especially the children. Combating and deterring such grave crimes continue to be a priority for the Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) and no effort will be spared in ensuring the safety and security of the communities. In the wake of such incidents being increasingly reported in the country, the RBP is compelled to take the painful decision of publishing on social media, the recent cases of sexual molestation by the Vice Principal of a Charity School in Jemina, and the rape of a patient attendant by a technician of the Jigme Dorji National Referral Hospital (JDWNRH) in Thimphu.
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Posted on:12 April,2018
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