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Planning and Research Division
The Planning and Research Division under the supervision of the Additional Chief of Police shall work towards the overall development and modernization of the organization. It shall comprise of the following units:
(a) Administration and Accounts Unit
(b) Planning and Monitoring Unit; and
(c) Research and Development Unit.

The roles and responsibilities of this division shall be to:
(a) Plan, research and prepare long term five years and annual plans for the development and modernization of the organization;
(b) Prepare long term goals, objectives and strategies for organizational development;
(c) Monitor and evaluate the implementation of planned activities to ensure consistency with policies and plans of the Royal Bhutan Police;
(d) Prepare and submit physical progress report to the Gross National Happiness Commission;
(e) Set priorities and target within five year plan;
(f) Plan, coordinate, monitor and evaluate annual plans and long term five year plans with divisions and other agencies;
(g) Publish researched documents for future reference;
(h) Give guidance, support, supervise and manage the units under the division;
(i) Prescribe specific roles and responsibilities to the units under it from time to time; and
(j) Carry out any other duties assigned by the ACoP.
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