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The 2nd Batch of Junior Level Investigation Course
The 2nd Batch of Junior Level Investigation Course with 25 Women Personnel (Chuma to Drimpon) started today in Paro (20-26th March 2021).

“Anything forged in fire makes fine steel”
His Majesty The King
18 Feb, 2021

The RBP draws our inspiration from His Majesty the King, who graciously granted an audience to the women officers of the Armed Forces on 18 Feb, 2021.

The primary objective of the training is to build the capacity and empower women in the Royal Bhutan Police to take up greater role in police functions and duties.

The Course is aimed at strengthening police investigative skills and professionalism of the women personnel to investigate minor offenses.

The training is designed through the experiences of women police personnel who face the challenge of multitasking in our role as service providers, wives, mothers, daughters and sisters.

The course will enable the participants to better understand their personality and encourage them to develop their personal leadership style and better balance their roles with the demands of police work.

Posted on:21 March,2021
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