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The three day Annual Conference for Officer Commanding (OCs) is underway at Royal Bhutan Police Training Institute, Jigmeling. The conference will discuss professional police service delivery, emerging crime trends, evolving threats and challenges faced by the society, and the need to constantly upgrade the standard of policing to respond to and address these challenges.

Following the recent cases, the OCs as the frontline officers will be reoriented to respond sensitively to the distress calls received by the Royal Bhutan Police. The conference will also focus on the simplification of the 113 hotline and prompt complaints response mechanism.

Opening the conference today, the Chief of Police stressed that public trust and confidence in the police must remain the cornerstone of all police operations and also warned that the officers will be held accountable for any lapses or complacency in dealing with genuine complaints from the public.

37 OCs are attending the conference organized by the Crime and Operations Branch, RBP HQs. The theme for the conference this year is ‘Policing Excellence through Sensitive, Professional and Efficient Service Delivery’.
Posted on:17 January,2020
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