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Turntable Ladder Truck Donated to Fire and Rescue Services Division of the Royal Bhutan Police
In a handing over ceremony held on 14 December 2019 at RBP HQ, the Chief of Police received a modern high tech turntable ladder fire truck from Dr. Wolfgang Pfeiffer, the Honorary Consul of Bhutan in Southern Germany. The truck was donated by the Mayor of the Bietigheim-Bissingen and the City Fire Brigade through a project initiated by Dr.Wolfgang Pfeiffer, who is founder of Bhutan Aid Association, in consultation with the Embassy of Bhutan in Brussels.

Bhutan Aid Association arranged for the shipment, land transportation and handing cost from Germany to Bhutan through forwarding agent called Aprojects Germany GmbH which provided free shipment. A company called Rosenbauer Karlsrube GmbH helped in refurnishing the fire truck. The members of the Bhutan Help Society; Dr. Alexander Klaubner, CEO, Roland Benz, Major Jugen Kessing, fire brigade commander Frank Wallesch are also instrumental in realizing this fire aid project.

The Mercedes 1524-DLK 23/12 turntable ladder truck is a specialized high-tech modern firefighting equipments which will be used for multipurpose applications in firefighting, rescue of trapped people in burning high rise buildings and urban search and rescue operation during natural disaster such as an earthquake. This equipment is first of its kind in Bhutan and it will for over the years to come will help save many human lives and properties of peoples of Bhutan. The equipment will be used by Thimphu Fire Brigade for attending to fire accidents and life saving rescue operation and response during natural calamities.
Posted on:16 December,2019
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