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Roadblock Information
1. Due to continuous rainfall, there are multiple roadblocks along SamdrupJongkhar - Tashigang Highway. Movement of vehicles restricted from Pinchena check post.

2. Roadblocks at I-slip, Box-cutting and Ossey on Gelephu-Zhemgang Highway. Clearing work’s underway.

3. Gyelposhing -Nganglam highway: Roadblock at 3km from Kuri Gongri bridge point towards Nganglam due to landslide. Roadbase washed away and may take around two days to clear as per information from DOR.

4. Road block at Shawjha (32km from Gedu PS on lateral route along Gedu - Lhamoizingkha). It will take 2 to 3 days to clear as per DOR.

5. Roadblock at 35 km from Nganglam towards Panbang.

6. Roadblock at Teelung (32 km) from Nganglam towards Gyelposhing and Pema Gatshel Highway.
Posted on:04 July,2018
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