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52nd Police Raising Day
During their 52nd Police raising day, the Chief of Police said installing CCTV cameras helped them a lot to detect crimes and supplement their main duties as towns in Thimphu and other districts are expanding faster. The police have plans to install about 130 CCTV cameras by the end of this year within Thimphu.
Thimphu town is one of the places where most crimes take place almost daily. Town residents said they see people fighting, stabbing and creating nuisances in the public areas. But the situation is now gradually improving. People say they feel safe and secure when there are less criminal activities taking place in their locality.
“My shop is located in front of the clock tower and we used to witness some gang fights during school vacation,” said a shopkeeper Loden. “But today, it has drastically reduced, firstly due to installation of CCTV cameras and also because police are providing various trainings to the youth.”
Another shop owner Kencho Wangmo also agree that the situation has improved compared to the past. “I would to thank the police for keeping us safe.”
“I stay here opening my shop from 7 in the morning till 9.30 PM and we don’t hear and see such problems now,” shared Pema, a shopkeeper at Hongkong market.
The Chief of Police while marking the 52nd Police raising day, yesterday said the Royal Bhutan Police will soon start to create awareness and other crime prevention strategies on house burglaries. He said they are also in the process of verifying various house safety alarms that the house owners can install in their houses.
“This year on the 52nd Police raising day, we have pledged to make sure that the police divisions come up with their own strategies to prevent crimes and also ensure that people in rural areas are included in the discussion for preventing crimes,” said Colonel Chimi Dorji. “Because police alone cannot control crimes on our own.”
The Chief of Police also said that they will establish Gewog police in every Gewogs, if the pilot Gewog police established in Paro and Haa does well.
Currently, there are 14 police divisions in the country with over 4,000 personnel including 190 officers.

Posted on:04 September,2017
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