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Security Clearance Service (SCS) launched
The Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs is pleased to launch the Security Clearance Service, which is an online system to issue Security Clearance Certificate (SCC) on this auspicious day-2nd June 2011 coinciding with the Coronation Day of our His Majesty the King Jigme Singye Wangchuck. This is a system to issue SCC to the eligible applicants in the shortest time period keeping in view the Government’s policy to reduce expenditure on the resources and provide faster, efficient and reliable service which is transparent and secure for all times.

SCC is an important and mandatory requisite document for employment into the civil service since the 1970s. Moreover, the requirement of SCC was discussed several times in the National Assembly of Bhutan and resolved that SCC should be implemented stringently.

Requirement of SCC has been put in place to ensure less crime in the country and fulfill the Government’s policy ‘Zero Tolerance to Crime’ and also strengthen country’s security and law and order situation.

Previously when the SCC was issued manually, people from 19 Dzongkhags had to come to the capital and approach the Royal Bhutan Police in person to process the SCC. A police personnel is appointed as runner to carry the SCC application forms to the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs twice a day. As it involves physical movement of people, while the SCC was required to be issued within 3 days, practically it takes 7 days. This was not only costly in terms of money and time for the general public but also for the Government.

However, keeping in view the importance of national security for all times, the SCC was necessary and had to be put in place as a priority. Therefore, it was not justifiable to keep aside such an important document just because the procedure is difficult and time consuming but find an alternative solution to address the problem.

His Majesty the King is also highly concerned with the public service delivery and has always advised the Government to initiate alternative electronic solution. In view of this, it was on 27th March 2009, the Cabinet issued directives to bring issuance of SCC through online. In pursuant to the Cabinet directives the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs in coordination with the Department of Information, Technology and Telecom, MoIC developed the system. The system was presented before the Cabinet on 2nd March 2010.

While the ministry ambitiously decided to launch the system much earlier, the ministry in coordination with the RBP had to undertake sensitization in all 20 Dzongkhags and also issue username and password to all the designated officials of the receiving agencies in 20 Dzongkhags. We have sensitized approximately around 1,500 officials from civil service and corporate agencies and issued username and password to about 200 dealing officials.

However, while the SCC is a sensitive document, the RGoB has initiated online system to issue SCC mainly keeping in mind the public service delivery and for the benefit of the general public.

Government has spent about Nu. Nine Hundred Thousand in cash and purchased about 25 computers and installed 2 servers in the RBP.

Today, with the launching of the system, unlike in the previous system, the applicant from 19 Dzongkhags need not come to Thimphu and approach the RBP in person. The Applicant can simply apply from any where there is internet facility. The applicants can track the status of application and if it is approved, the applicant can proceed to the concerned agency where the dealing official will punch in the applicant’s Identity card number and download to print only for official purpose. Therefore, the applicant need not also print the certificate reducing the cost of printing. It is also in line with the Government’s policy to reduce public expenditure and make the work paperless.

The SCC shall be required for the following purposes:

1. Employment
2. Training
3. Promotion
4. Further Studies (ex-country)
5. Passport and its renewal
6. Trade License and its renewal
7. Entertainment license and its renewal
8. BDFC Loan
9. Election (separate SCC issued).

Police stations in the 20 Dzongkhags and 205 Gewog Administrative Officers were directed by the ministry to facilitate to apply for SCC on behalf of the people who are IT illiterate. Therefore, all the people who are not comfortable with using internet can approach the nearest police station or the GAOs to avail the service.

Posted on:03 June,2011


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