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Fines and penalties for protected species
In pursuant to approval accorded by Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture and Forests vide letter no. WCD/Adm-08/2013/560 dated 31/10/2013, the fines and penalties for protected species under Section 82(7)(a) of Forest and Natural Conservation Rule 2006, namely Tiger Panthera tigris tigris and Snow Leopard Uncia unica is hereby revised as mentioned below:
First time offence:
• Any person found in the act of making an attempt to catch or injure the above mentioned species shall be levied a fine Nu. 0.500 million;
• Any person found in un-permitted taking, destroying, capturing, and trade of their parts and products regardless of whether such animal was taken, destroyed, or captured in Bhutan or elsewhere will be levied a fine Nu. 1 million or penalty of imprisonment, which may extend up to ten years or both.
• In addition, any animal parts or products possessed by the offender will be confiscated and following schedule of fines will be levied for any mission animal parts or products.
o Entire set of skin – Nu. 0.300 million
o Any missing parts of skin – Nu. 0.050 million
o Set of Bones – Nu. 0.300 million
o Any missing parts of bones – Nu. 0.050 million
o Claws – Nu. 5,000 each
o Canine – Nu. 10,000 each
o Any other parts – Nu. 10,000 each
Second time offence and subsequent ones: Same amount of fine as mentioned above under fist time offence will be levied twice and amount for second time offender and thrice the amount for repeated offence along with the prison term to be extended up to 20 years. This notification will come into effect from the date of signing this letter.

Monal pheasant Lophophours impejenus
This notification is to reiterate that Monal pheasant Lophophours impejenus is listed under Schedule I of the Forest and Nature Conservation Act 1955 and, accordingly, section 22(a) of this Act declares this species to be totally protected, whether or not in a Government Reserved Forest and may not be killed, injured, destroyed or collected in any form. Henceforth, any individual or shops found in possession of using the monal feather as fledges by archers should be discontinued with immediate effect and defaulters will be strictly penalized in accordance to the provision of this Act. This is for kind information of all the concerned.

Import of fire arms and ammunitions banned.
This is to inform the general public that import of fire arms and ammunitions shall be banned w.e.f 01 May 2014 in keeping with Section 11 of the Fire Arms and Ammunitions Act 1990. The citizens who were already issued with an Import License for fire arms and ammunitions prior to 01 May 2014 must import within the date specified in the import license failing which the import license shall remain cancelled. Therefore, all are requested to kindly take not of this notification and accordingly comply with it.

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